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Friday, March 19, 2010

Top IT Skills that can get you a job..!!

Top   IT   skills   that can   get   you   a job….!!

In India, There has always been a gap in what is being taught at academic level (I.e. at graduation level) and what is needed in the current industry.
This is particularly seen in Engineering stream.
Some of the subjects which are being taught are unnecessary which may not have any application in future career. Of course, as an engineer one should be aware about each and every aspect of engineering and basics and fundamentals are supposed to be clear. But on the other side, it is estimated that 4 Exabyte (10^19) of unique information will be generated this year. The amount of new technical information is doubling every 2 years. So for a students starting a 4 year technical degree … this means that half of the what they learn in first year will be outdated by third year*.

The top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004.

In India, IT and management have become the most sought after career for the youth of the country.
Now for IT industry…. Gone are the days when we used to speak “Jack of all trades, master of none”.
Now to sustain in challenging and changing environment “You should  jack of all trades, Master of ONE”.
Recently , several reports have indicated that job market is booming again after the economic slump.
So here are the top IT skills currently in demand few of which are not even introduced at college level.


Basically SAP is a German company whose software system and tools continue to dominate ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning). The reason behind this is the customer satisfaction, according to study conducted by Panorama Consulting Group.
Some of the applications developed by SAP that are seeing major demand are:

SAP Web Dynpro:  A proprietary web application user interface technology to meet the increasing number of web application

SAP Plant Maintance: All the activities required for  a manufacturing unit

SAP Advance Planner and Organization:
It is designed to help a company to improve production planning, pricing, scheduling and shipping. It works by getting real time update by getting customer demand.

SAP Governance, Risk Management and Compliance: To carry out critical management level activities

Sun Microsystems still rules….
Today Java is being used in more than 4.5 billion devices and the usage is expected to rise further because of growing number of mobile phones, personal computers and smart cards. Java architecture has always been a favorite among developers because of its robustness. Today enterprise architecture is heavily depended on J2EE technology. 72% Application developers prefers java technology over others. But as I said besides core java you need to be master in one of the areas ….
J2ME for portable device applications
JSP/Servlets, JSF, JMS for web applications
Jakarta Struts, Spring for Framework
for Enterprise Application…
And many more which even I’m not aware of like
JMX,JTA, JACC, Connector , JAF , JAX-RPC


Created by Rasmus Leford in 1995, to build dynamic web pages has witnessed phenomenal growth.  Today PHP is the darling of  some of the social networking sites like face book. Its easy understandability has attracted even non-techies in web designing world. PHP was estimated to have been installed on 20 million websites and over 1 million web servers. This number must have got multiplied considering the current surge in online world.

Second leader in ERP market, although demand of SAP professionals are more than Oracle. But recent acquisition of Sun may give some advantage over SAP. In financial sector, oracle application still holds a high position with Oracle Financials, Oracle HRMS, Oracle Projects, Oracle CRM and Oracle PO is considered as the most widely used application and demand for them is moving upward.

Microsoft’s luxurious and easy framework has stolen the heart of many developer. Although almost every programmer .Net 3.5 framework as getting distance and out of the way. To prevent its programming market fiasco, recently, Microsoft released beta version of .Net framework 4. .Net has become the first choice for small scale enterprises. But again  along with .net framework you need to be master in one of these areas
ASP , C#, VB, Crystal Report

The mother of Object oriented programming …
Many believes that the demand of C++ has always been there and there are not many signs, that shows the fall of this computer language. It remains constant because most of its applications are being used in automobile sector, healthcare and communication which are always in a high growth trajectory.

IT Infrastructure Management:
With more companies identifying the importance of infrastructure management service, there is a great demand for people who’re specialized in this. Because infrastructure management does have the largest impact on the revenue of the company. Recently India’s largest IT company TCS signed a five year contract with Malaysian Airlines for managing its data centre , IT networks and security.

Embedded C++:
It was defined (not designed) by an industry group to address the short comings of C++ for embedded systems.
The spurt in the demand of embedded devices is driving  the growth for Embedded C++

The three decade old programming language still holds its feet strongly because its application is wide.

And of course all of these technologies have created a great demand for Software Tester also.

Besides these… Demand for Linux professionals and System programmers is also growing.

Few of the techies have gone into research work like cloud computing.

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PS: Rankings and some of the info have been taken from Sillicon India. *- from You Tube

Thursday, March 18, 2010

West Teaches East



Italian senators protesting against a bill , sitting down peacefully .

How our RS members protested makes screaming
headlines in the newspapers !

To day ,while I was surfing through the net , accidentally came across a picture where they showed how senators in Italy protested against a bill .
It was in marked contrast to what we are used to see very often in our parliament houses , and the latest gimmick in the Rajya Sabha surpassed all the previous records !

Just imagine Italy a country notorious for its Sicilian Mafioso Gangs , who wield guns for the slightest provocations , their Senators protesting so peacefully and in a very democratic manner . Whereas in India , the country of Lord Budha and Mahatma Gandhi who gave their lives preaching for peace and tolerance , our MPs , showing their dissents and disagreements , in a manner so disgraceful , it makes screaming and painful headlines in our news papers !

What a contrast !

When will our representatives truly learn the values and practices of Democracy ? When will they start behaving in the manner befitting to a country which is supposed to be the spiritual leader of the world ?

When ? Just when ???


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And i think its worth to post..!!